Graphics Cards

Can a computer have 2 different graphics cards?

As the OP stated, He’s Just Beginning to Study…… Graphics Design…. :)
And as he is One bored gamer…….. it’s pretty obvious…..

But he has better options for lesser cost if he goes for the High end GPUs…..
Here’s a direct quote…….
The best option, Soft moding Geforces and Radeons to Quadros and FireGLs. You get the gaming performance when you want it, and the workstation performance when you want it, all for gaming/consumer prices.

It’s pretty easy for Geforces (FireGLs are trickier, and IMO only worth it if you know the FireGL is significantly faster than the Quadro equaivalent);

Just don’t use this for jobs that require certified workstations cards from ISV, IHV or contract. But for pro-sumers dabbling at home and such you get near 9x% of a Quadro for usually 25% (or less) of the price. “

And here’s the whole topic…

It’s not that I disagree with you goofy, it’s just a little too early for him to switch to Quadro’s and Professional Cards , this is something I feel, maybe wrong, but starting and experimenting at not a very high price is a better option I believe….



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